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Sponsor Our 2020/2021 Dancers

This season, we have thirteen young dancers in our repertory company, all of whom are dancing with Flight Path tuition-free. One season with Flight Path is valued at $10,000 per dancer. See the cost breakdown of one dancer's tuition below:
     Open Books program: $500
     Saturday Series workshops: $500
     Guest Choreography: $2,000
     Pivot Program at-home rehearsal resources: $600
     Master Classes: $250
     Weekly technique & repertory rehearsal: $1,750
     Scenic & costume design: $500
With thirteen dancers, this season's total tuition comes to $130,000. Because we believe in nurturing talent regardless of means, each of our dancers are able to access our training and resources at no cost. That's where you come in. Visit our donation page here to make a contribution in support of our tuition-free mandate. Whether you are able to cover a portion or all of one season's tuition, any amount helps. Thank you!
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