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Allhimod_Repertory Stills.png


Choreographed by Yusha-Marie Sorzano

Directed by Eimi Imanishi

Drifting_Repertory Stills.png


Choreographed by Michael Trusnovec

Edited by Michael Trusnovec

Dangerous_Repertory Stills.png


Choreographed by Juel D. Lane

Scored by Munir Zakee

Edited by DeSitaa Lipscomb

Destino_Repertory Stills.png

"Destino, Roto"

Choreographed by Stephanie Martinez

Balmy Shades_Repertory Stills.png

"In Balmy Shades of Bowers"

Choreographed by Michael McGowan

Sonata_Repertory Stills.png
Repertory Stills.png

"This Loneliness of Hands"

Choreographed by Michael McGowan

and the Flight Path repertory company

"The Social Implications of the Sonata"

Choreographed by Michael McGowan

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